Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rhum Tum Tum

Santa was sweet this year. He brought me a Disaronno (imported by Bacardi USA) gift set that included the booze, a mixing glass and recipe booklet. While flipping through the recipes, the Elixir of Love mixture caught my eye. But where, oh where, will I find White Rhum? I checked and saw they only have regular ol' rum. So I Googled 'White Rhum' and discovered Rhum Barbancourt from Haiti. I'm curious why Bacardi would be encouraging the use of a competing brand of rum, but who am I to understand the minds of a huge distiller and importer? I wanted to head to the liquor store yesterday, but being Christmas day and this being Idaho, they were closed. I'd go today, but this being Sunday and being Idaho, they are closed. So I guess tomorrow I will be heading to the neighborhood, state run liquor store to see if I can score some White Rhum to make the Elixir of Love.

The recipe is presented correctly on the Disaronno website.

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