Saturday, April 3, 2010

Does You Feet Hurt?

My feet sure does hurt. Oh, yes they do. Did you know Walkfit can relieve you foot pain? I didn't either. I was so intrigued by this ad on Facebook that I clicked on it to check out the web site.  Okay... I was really looking to see if this product was being sold from another country. How else could these grammar goofs be explained away? To my surprise, customer service for Walkfit is in Van Nuys, California. And if one were to return their Walkfit it would go to Rancho Cucamonga, California (where I use to live, thank you very much). 

Looking at the web site we can see that the grammar goofs on the Facebook ad are not too far from the goofs on I guess we should be happy they manufacture shoe inserts not dictionaries. 

To cap or not to cap... that is the question.

I'm a shoe insert, dammit, not an English professor!

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