Monday, February 1, 2010

At Least it's Not Clothes Off!

Ring Ring... "Hello?" "Hi Mom! How do you spell 'Close Out Sale'?" "What? You're in college!! You know how to spell 'Close Out Sale'!!" "Yeah, I know. But I'm on Government in front of one of the many Farm and Feed stores, the one by the gas station and hot dog stand, and they spelled it 'C-L-O-T-H-E-S '. Do you think that's a Spelling Disaster?? They are advertising pants." "Um, I'm going to have to say SPELLING DISASTER! Get a pic for me, okay?"

So the debate begins. Is the Farm & Feed store trying to be cute with their use of the wrong word? Or is it just a plain ol' Spelling Disaster?  Discuss.

Thanks to the daughter for catching this one! It was a clothes one!

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