Saturday, December 5, 2009

More of a Spec Disaster

Hey Hot Rod Cafe! We love your "What's Happening" flyer that tells us about the daily specials: Margarita Monday, Fat Tuesday, Watermelon Wednesday, etc. but we are confused why the flyer features the designer's spec info - "Hot Rod spec-7 two-up-1 10-14-08". Looks like this version of the flyer was created on October 14, 2008 (my sister's birthday BTW). This version was also the 7th try. The management team at Hot Rod must've liked this one since they had it printed up. I hope they let the designer know and paid said designer accordingly. Although, this could be the designer's doing. After 7 specs, I can understand how the designer would be feeling a bit frustrated so was possibly so thrilled to have the sign-off that they forgot to remove the spec info when it went off to the printer.

Either way, it's not a Spelling Disaster.... but Spec Disaster is close enough!!

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