Sunday, September 13, 2009

Y'All Come Find Us, Ya Hear?

La Bella Amore Italian Bistro is located in the mountain town of Tehachapi, California. Tehachapi is famous for the railroad (Tehachapi Loop), the wind turbines and the maximum security men's prison that housed Lyle Menendez among other notorious criminals. Tehachapi is a cute little town and worthy of a stop if you happen to be on Rt 58 going between Bakersfield and Mojave. You may even want to find this little Italian Bistro... it's right nixt to the Hitching Post Theater. Before saunterin' in, y'all may wanna straighten up that cowboy hat and dust off yer britches.

Thanks to Peggy who wrote:
"I guess they write with a cowboy accent. Being right by the Hitching Post must be rubbing off on these Italian cowboys."

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