Friday, June 19, 2009

How Many Wieners is That?

Hmmmmm.... prices have been whited out and changed on the menu at Paul's Country Deli & Wine Grotto in Hayden, yet this word that appears to be a Spelling Disaster is intact. A little research appears to be in order.

According to
No results found for doubld:
Did you mean doubled (in dictionary) or Doublet (in reference)?

Okay.... next source.... Google. The Google Gods showed me some user names and misspellings in want ads but they didn't direct me to any Doubld. I'm was afraid to search specifically for "Doubld Wiener" but I did and am happy to report that no porn popped up! Neither did anything useful.


I need to add that Paul's is a darling deli with great pricing, friendly owners and a nice selection of wine, beer and specialty grocery items. I highly recommend a visit if you haven't been there. They are located on the corner of 4th Street and Prairie Ave. in Hayden.

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